Spatial Sequence is a piece exploring directionality and perception in a performance.

The audience is placed in the center of the music as the performers interlock along bisecting axes, building to an eventual swirl of motion.

This is a binaural recording of a sightreading of the piece, and should ideally be listened to through headphones.

PRECINCT MIDNIGHT: Choose Your Destiny

The World's First 1980s Buddy-Cop Comedy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style Audio Game. Written, recorded, and produced in 12 hours for DePaul University’s Global Game Jam 2014.

Winner of "The Spirit of Game Jam Award".

Includes a few no-no words, some icky drug use, a smattering of adults on rollerblades, and communism. 


A collection of releases from the indie garage-rock collaboration with fellow DePaul University students Danny Taki, Ethan Fang, Jake Garcia, and Matt Rodriguez.

Winner of the DePaul Battle of the Bands 2014 and performed alongside Childish Gambino, Washed Out, and Local Natives at DePaul FEST 2014.

R.I.P. Shadowfax, 2014

Take This, It’s Free EP, 2013

Bill, The Pony EP, 2012