Music For Stage


August 2018

An original musical with book, music, and lyrics by Eric Matthew Richardson. Performed at The Den Theatre by The Jacobins.

Set amid the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War, Sebastián - a young Jesuit with a thirst for adventure - sets off into world as the fighting descends upon his hometown. On his journey, he encounters an eccentric ferryman, an underground band of anarchists, and the echoes of his past he can’t outrun.

Loosely based on the classic novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, The Book of Sebastián is a sweeping exploration of passion, consequence, and how we define God in a modern world.

CURSED: An American Tragedy

July 2017 + November 2018

An immersive experience that explores the story of a family curse shown through three different generations during times of war. The audience can choose to follow various family members within three different time periods: The Civil War, World War I, and World War II. 

Cursed explores the ideas of family, fate, and what it means to construct our own narratives as Americans. It is an attempt to expand on the popular voyeuristic style of immersive theatre, by offering the audience the freedom to act silently but adventurously in order to discover the family’s secrets through careful observation and one-on-one experiences.


November 2017

When an astronaut and space explorer crash lands on a bioluminescent planet, he discovers that the beautiful yet isolated world is home to Beatrice. Can he unlock the symbiotic relationship between Beatrice and the planet life of Omicron Ceti? Or is Beatrice doomed to remain a prisioner of the planet, and her Mother's vision, forever?

Written by Nick Izzo and based on the Short Story "Rappacini's Daughter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Presented by Otherworld Theatre Company at the Nox Arca Theatre Evening of One Acts and the Paragon Festival 2017.


March 2017

Presented by Three Crows at Side Project Theatre. These tracks display the unique blend of sound design and music created for this production.

Rosa is beckoned home when her estranged father is involved in an automobile accident. As events unfold and start to suffocate her, Rosa must begin to unravel the story of her family, every bitter and beautiful part.


August 2016

How long would it take someone to realize you were missing? When nine strangers suddenly disappear it’s up to you to help solve the mystery of what happened to them before it’s too late.

The Missing is an immersive theatrical experience created by The Interstice. It was performed in August and September of 2016 at The Gift Theatre as part of the Chicago Fringe Festival. 



March 2016

A brilliant, headstrong pioneer at the dawn of modern astronomy, Henrietta Leavitt must leave her Wisconsin home to pursue her dream of studying the night sky. 

Silent Sky, written by Lauren Gunderson, was staged by Three Crows Theatre in February and March of 2016. It was performed at The Side Project Theatre in Chicago.


October 2015

The Horror! is an ensemble that creates immersive horror experiences that explore the idea of fear and audience choice. The project has developed an anthology style- with the core ensemble members returning for each show to create an entirely new story and experience in a new space.

These are highlights from the third iteration of The Horror - performed at Young Camelot in Chicago, IL throughout October 2015.