composer // sound designer // audio engineer

composer // sound designer // audio engineer

Eric Matthew Richardson




Eric Matthew Richardson (b. 1992) is a Chicago-based composer, sound designer, and audio engineer specializing in music for multimedia.

His compositions and sound design have been featured in a wide range of content; from scream-inducing immersive theatre events, to award-winning animated shorts, and even genre-defying experimental video games (as well as a host of other hyphenated content). He is able to adapt to any style, and excels in helping collaborators achieve their ultimate artistic visions.

Eric enjoys taking on exciting and innovative projects; whether through collaboration with directors, producers, and other artists, or exploring his own personal work.


Previous Work


Works for stage

Works for screen

Works for self


  • DARK DAYThe Athenaeum Theatre, Birch House
  • NAMIRAM, 48 Hour Film Project, Nine Helm
  • THE EDEN OF OMICRON CETI, Paragon 2017, Otherworld Theatre
  • CURSED: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY, Foxhole Theatre, Birch House
  • ESPRESSO, The Side Project, Three Crows


  • THE MISSING, Chicago Fringe Festival, The Interstice
  • SILENT SKY, The Side Project, Three Crows


  • THE HORROR EXPERIMENT, Camelot, The Horror Ensemble
  • AND ACTION, Short Film, Directed by John Grannan



The Book of Sebastien

An Original Musical

Workshop, Late Summer 2018

A Jesuit priest searches for meaning amid the tumult of the Spanish Civil War. Based on the novel Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Original book and music by Eric Matthew Richardson. More details to follow.


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