The LEA Project

An Original Musical

The LEA Project
A free online, interactive hypermusical from Eric Matthew Richardson

“The LEA Project’s narrative is a slick, stylish, and symphonic one, captivating me with its witty humor and phenomenal music. If anything, I’m under-selling the music...It’s a soundtrack full of captivating hits. (I’m humming those melodies even today).”

— Patrick McLean, Chicago Curator, No Proscenium

An online, interactive hypermusical from Eric Matthew Richardson. Check it out for yourself here!

The global mega-corporation EthiCo is set to launch LEA 2.0, the latest iteration of their flagship Learning-Enabled Algorithm, until the company’s founder discovers a hidden malware attack infesting the program. As his unwitting assistant, you’ll help uncover the truth behind LEA, as well as learn why she’s so desperately obsessed with the mysterious Dexter Nelson.

The LEA Project was written, filmed, and produced during the Covid-19 pandemic and is free to experience forever. The original soundtrack is available on most streaming platforms.